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 Rabidus-Rabidus Fruit (Tea and crumpits fruit)

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Rabidus-Rabidus Fruit (Tea and crumpits fruit) Empty
PostSubject: Rabidus-Rabidus Fruit (Tea and crumpits fruit)   Rabidus-Rabidus Fruit (Tea and crumpits fruit) EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 9:12 pm

Name:Rabidus-Rabidus Fruit

Looks of the Fruit:The fruit was a small one being circular and flat on it's sides with a small bulge on the top. One of it's sides were flat and had black marks making it seem like a pocket watch.

Granted Abilities:This fruit allows the one who ate it to confuses the senses of others and create illusions. It started out as only being able to make one person see a small item such as a rock, but Sevastian has taken it much farther with practice. He has come to fool all five senses, but he still can't do it all at once. His best sense is sight, which is the only sense he can manipulate along with another. It doesn't matter how many people he's affecting when using only sight, and he can make them see just about anything he wants to. The problem with this is it's only sight, the subjects don't hear, smell, taste, or feel anything, so although scary it has no other effects. Also he can not make something vanish if it is larger then a book, he can put an illusionary wall in between the person and it, but as long as they can look around the illusions they can see it. If he chooses to affect hearing alone he can catch up to seven people, with sight he can only get five. When affecting hearing he can make sounds come out of thin air for the affected people, making him one of the worlds best ventriloquist so long as only seven people come to the show. Smells are one of the harder two to create, so he can catch three people alone, or two with sight, making them smell a single scent without being able to find the source. Taste is a bit easier to do, allowing his to affect five people with taste alone and four with sight. The taste Illusion makes someone actually taste one thing that Sevastian wants them to, this can be anything good or bad. Touch is the hardest sense for Sevastian to alter, only being able to do it to one person with or without sight alterations. He also can't affect what a person feels by much. The most he's ever messed with touch is to make someone feel like they had been slapped. Despite the seemingly large effects these changes are all just illusions, and can be ignored without and problem.

How It Was Obtained:One day Sevastian was out on the deck feeling pretty good because his chores where finished, so he whistled for Hare to come to him. The owl swooped down dropping something at his feet. At first he thought his friend had stolen a pocket watch for him, and it seemed the bird had thought that too since it hadn't eaten the fruit itself.

RP Sample: Sevastian was sitting in a small cafe bored out of his mind. He was only waiting because he had already paid for his tea and three cupcakes. When the food arrived he smiled uttering a small finally, and the woman smiled glad to see that he wasn't angry about the wait. That just wouldn't do. As she turned away he stood up and called to her. "Ma'am there seems to be a mistake." She turned and he waved a hand at the plate now holding four cupcakes. He started walking around the table as he spoke. "I'm sorry to say I only ordered and paid for three cupcakes, so I must ask who's cupcake have I stollen, and.." As he passed between her and the table he changed his neat little illusion so that there was no extra cupcake but one was hidden. "...who ate two of them?" The woman looked at him confused then back at the plate and gasped. "I'm so sorry sir! I'll get this straightened out....somehow." Sevastian stopped and looked at the girl with a small smile turning his direction. "Are you confused my dear girl?" She nodded. "Yes sir, very much so." That was all he needed. "Well so am I, so I think I'll just eat the muffin." She was very confused by the statement, but sure enough as he moved out of her line of sigh of the plate once again there was now a muffin. The shock caused the girl to faint. Sevastian sat back down dispelling the little Illusion and taking a bite of a cupcake before another employee ran over to find the girl unconscious. He looked at Sevastian and asked, "What happened?" The reply was just a shrug. "I'm not sure. Alli did was compliment her on the delicious cupcakes."
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Rabidus-Rabidus Fruit (Tea and crumpits fruit) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rabidus-Rabidus Fruit (Tea and crumpits fruit)   Rabidus-Rabidus Fruit (Tea and crumpits fruit) EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 9:19 pm


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Rabidus-Rabidus Fruit (Tea and crumpits fruit)
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