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 Sougon - Sougon Fruit

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PostSubject: Sougon - Sougon Fruit   Sougon - Sougon Fruit EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 6:36 pm

Name: Sougon - Sougon Fruit (Gravity-Gravity Fruit)

Looks of the Fruit: The fruit looked like a orange only with a white stripe going around it and a single leaf on top.

Granted Abilities: This fruit grants the ability of having complete control over gravity itself. Larrisa can change how much gravity there is and even what direction it is going only she herself is not affected by it, in fact she is affected by no gravity that she does not want to be. Getting more detailed she can change the gravity in certain areas and even contain it to a small room or even make a bubble around herself. More impressively though is the fact that she can give things a gravitation pull, or make a rock have enough pull on it that things around it quickly cling to it and compress. This Devil Fruit give Larrisa a huge amount of options and makes her almost invisible as no one has found her weakness cause everything is effected by gravity. Often while on pursuit of a pirate she will change gravity and make it go horizontal but only with her ship and in a contained area so the ship speeds up to catch the other ship. Also it is common for her to make gravity much stronger around her so people are forced to get to there knees.

How It Was Obtained: Larrisa discovered the fruit at an early age and ate it unknowingly. Originally it was held by the marines but after they lost it Larrisa found it, if they discovered this they would charge her for stealing and she would be put off duty for a week.

RP Sample: (I will work on this later, even though I know I can rp well!)

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Sougon - Sougon Fruit
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