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 Channel Channel Fruit

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PostSubject: Channel Channel Fruit   Channel Channel Fruit EmptyTue Mar 03, 2009 8:13 pm

Name:Channel Channel Fruit

Looks of the Fruit: Oddly enough this fruit looked like a normal old peach other then a green line circling the center of it.

Granted Abilities:This fruit gives the person who ate it a bond with the after life. By channeling spiritual energy through the body the user can then see spirits of those who have passed. Just eating this fruit gives a constant flow of spiritual energy strong enough to see the spirits of those who have died five years ago, but by focusing on channeling more energy the user can see spirits of up to fifty years ago depending on how strong that spirit was in life. There are extremely powerful spirits who will remain visible no matter how long they have been dead, but they have the power to mask themselves as well and must want to be seen. Although it was not origionally meant to be used in this manner, Giovanni has been able to develope two other uses for the spiritual energy, the spirit edge and soul mending. (Will be further described in skills section.)

How It Was Obtained:Giovanni was on a job, specifically hunting down a large bounty of which caliber he had never attempted before. He found the man after much work and went straight in for the hit. In all of his information gathering though he made one dire mistake and knew nothing about how his mark defended himself, only his location. This over sight caused him to not only lose the bounty but to come close to death himself. Laying broken and bloody on the ground Giovanni was happened upon by a little old couple who took pitty on him and gave him the only thing they had to offer, a fuit they had found. In need of the nourishment provided by food he ate it without a second thought. The fruit may have saved his life, but it opened the world of many disturbances and annoyances for the man.

RP Sample:Giovanni groaned very audibly. How had they figured it out? He had been perfectly avoiding acknowledging their existence and still they figured out that he could see them. “Would you just shut up? I know you’re dead and you all want me to tell someone something or do this and that, but it isn’t my job. Okay?” The outburst was enough to stop three of the four right out, but the fourth moved closer instead. “I thought it was you. Even we dead communicate with each other sometimes, and I hear that you’re after a certain bounty. I happen to know where this person is. The information is of no use to me, but how much would you care to hear about it?” Giovanni smiled at the outright spirit, glad that there was still a reason that he could see these dead souls. “What can you tell me?” "Oh, I can't just tell you it. First I need you to do something." Giovanni scoffed figuring he should have seen that one coming a mile away. "What do you need?" The spirit smiled and pointed in the direction of an old shack. "That is the home of the man who took my life. I don't wish the same fate upon him, but just to watch him get ruffed up a bit would make my afterlife that much sweeter." This was a rare event for Giovanni, a murdered spirit who didn't want the death of the person who did him wrong. Hell it was the first time that a spirit actually gave him a task that he could do with out seeming insane. "I'll do it. But if you know anything more, I would also like you to disclose everything you know about my bounty." "Deal."
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Channel Channel Fruit
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