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 Armor/Weapon Template

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Armor/Weapon Template Empty
PostSubject: Armor/Weapon Template   Armor/Weapon Template EmptyThu Feb 05, 2009 9:04 pm

Full Name: (Full name of your characters Weapon or Armor!)

-Short Name: (Extra- A nickname of sorts that the armor/weapon has gotten.)

Type: (What is it? A gun, armor, sword, or something else?)

Physical Description: (3+ Lines of what it looks like, please be descriptive on this part!)

-Picture: (Extra- A picture is a perfect finishing touch for what the weapon looks like!)

Power/Ability Description: (What special powers does this weapon/armor have? 5+ Lines if it does and if just a regular item then 1+ Lines of what its made out of.)

History: (How it came into your characters possession and where the thing was originally made or found.)

[b][u]Full Name[/u][/b]:

-[u]Short Name[/u]:


[u][b]Physical Description[/b][/u]:


[b][u]Power/Ability Description[/u][/b]:

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Armor/Weapon Template
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