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 Walter's weapon

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PostSubject: Walter's weapon   Walter's weapon EmptyWed Feb 11, 2009 9:01 pm

Full Name:Seki Butler strangle wire 100'

-Short Name:Butler Wire

Type:Close to mid range wire. (o-15 feet)

Physical Description:This is a wire that is hidden in the gloves and up the arms of the user. It is so thin that it can be almost impossible to see by the naked eye except for the light reflected off of it. Because of it's size this weapon can cut through many objects including flesh and bone if enough force is put into pulling. Despite it's size this wire has proving to be very stable and extremely difficult to cut. There is a divice in the glove that let's the wire be pulled right out of the fingertips by slipping your fingers on the other hand into rings on the bottom of the glove and pulling. If the wire were pulled all the way out it would reach a hundred feet.

Power/Ability Description:This weapon contains no real added ability to the weilder, but the Butler clan had the sense to make them out of sekki stone so as to give a more fortified defense against devil fruit users.

History: This is the weapon that all Tripudio clan is trained with, because when used properly it can be used to take out multiple opponents in one strike while also protecting the family that they serve. All Butler's are trained to kill threats, not detain because doing so would endanger the family. Walter took a liking to the weapon and keeps his in top condition at all times, and thanks to his training has no problems with killing anyone using the wire. His training started at age six, but he didn't recieve his own Butler wire until he was thirteen, and a year later his training was finished. The family gets an outside man to make the weapon for them, so it is likely that more are out in the world, but almost no one else can have them made to such quality, let alone out of sekki stone.
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PostSubject: Re: Walter's weapon   Walter's weapon EmptyWed Feb 11, 2009 9:34 pm

O_O sounds like piano wire, lol APPROVED!

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Walter's weapon
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