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 Zangetsu Weapon

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PostSubject: Zangetsu Weapon   Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:27 pm

Full Name: Zangetsu

-Short Name: Zan

Type: Guns

Physical Description: The guns have 3 forms:

Unreleased Form: They look like heavy hand guns that are black and made of some weird material that is obviously different to anything that any black smith or gun expert had ever seen. Being so boxy and oddly shaped, if examined by someone they would note they are probably fake. Engraved on the top of each gun are the words, "Zangetsu" being the name of guns.

Released Form: The guns become one gun that is pure white and has a slight glow to it.

Bankai Form:




Power/Ability Description:

Unreleased: The guns shoot like regular revolvers although the impact is much stronger then any revolver could ever get. Although it looks like it holds 6 shots it actually holds more around 600 as the bullets seem to disappear when you spin the feeding thing around again although they could be shot even if not showing. The sound the gun makes is 100% silent except there is a light tick sound, but leaves a huge trace of smoke where the bullet went looking like a streak of white from where the gun shot, it will stay there for about a minute before going away. One shot is enough to puncture a solid cement wall that was reinforced with metal. It has been able to take down buildings when a few rounds were put in the right places. Range: 1-2 miles if you can aim it.

Released: Both guns glow and mix together to become one gun. The one white gun has only 6 shots, any used reappear when the gun goes out and then back into released form. Each shot from the gun goes through anything and is made of sea stone, the power behind the shot depends on what the user wants it to be, also the shots can track if the user can focus on the person/thing they want it to track. The most amazing thing is the shot is only a white streak coming from the gun at a very high speed. Not making a normal gunshot sound it instead makes a very low thump that can make peoples hearts skip a beat, this can be felt only if 10 feet from the gun. The scariest thing is that if the user is not careful the feedback from the gun could carry them across the ocean, it just all depends on how powerful the user wants the shot. (Both guns can only have one user at a time, not until they die can the gun be used by anyone else.) Range: Almost unlimited.

Bankai: The single white gun glows and becomes a black sword that is 58" long, making Bachiko look very small. The sword simply can cut through anything and has the qualities of sea stone so it would harm even DF users. When swinging the sword around you would hear nothing, when you hit something it would not make the clang sound as simply the blade would cut through it like butter. Also the sword can not be melted, bent, or broken by any means, df powers don't work on it. If somehow it is damaged it will glow and fix itself. On top of that the sword borrows power to the user to make there reflexes and speed 10 times faster, this of course can have side effects after the fight. Scariest thing about the Bankai mode is how if the user wants they can have the sword release a short burst of energy that will act like the sword and cut through anything although it will go only 5000 feet before vanishing, cutting anything in its path and getting bigger and bigger. After this ability is used 6 times the sword goes back into unreleased form and can't be released for 6 hours.

History: Although it is unknown on who made Zangetsu, it is known that it contains two devil fruits, the reason there is two guns. The devils in the fruit didn't like each other so the original one gun became two overnight. If forced though they can go together, making one gun with lots of power, but it will only last for 6 shots. Bachiko found if you mentally can win over the two devils, not an easy task, they can also form a sword with immense power. She feels that they could become stronger, but she hasn't been in a really bad situation to need that extra power. Bankai is her last resort to begin with, all you see is her saying Bankai, but really she has to concentrate on them becoming a sword and on them not fighting any more. Only once has she had to use Bankai, it was then that she sunk an island.

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1st General of the Sea

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PostSubject: Re: Zangetsu Weapon   Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:19 pm

Approved, barely.

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Zangetsu Weapon
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