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 Walter Tripudio

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PostSubject: Walter Tripudio   Walter Tripudio EmptyTue Feb 10, 2009 10:08 pm

---------- Character ----------

Name:Walter Tripudio the 16th

-Nickname: Butler

---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human

Age: 17

Gender: Male

-Skin Tone: lightly tanned

-Hair color:Black

-Eye Color:Gray



Physical Description:Walter is very average in height and muscle, but is extremely thin. His eyes are a light gray color that gives him a very mature and thoughtful look at most times. His hair goes down to his neck and is always kept as straight and tidy as possible. His skin is only lightly tanned because of the amount of time he spent inside, and the majority of his muscle is from normal house work, but a certain degree of it originates from his training. He wears absolutely no jewelery so there aren't any holes for such things either, also there are no tattoos except for one on the back of his left shoulder that reads "Butler XVI" circled by three fireballs, each just barely touching the tail of the one in front of it.

Wardrobe Description:Walter's wardrobe would be considered very bland by anyone that pays attention to fashion. It consists of a white silk button up shirt, covered almost entirely by a nice black dress jacket and a black tie. He wears black dress pants, and simple black dress shoes. Other things he wears are just black socks and white gloves. The best reference is that he dresses for work as a butler.

-Picture:Walter Tripudio L_1aa7467f7bbf2e53c67a13d4dc8715f0

---------- Personality ----------

Personality: Walter has a very laid back personality. Almost nothing phases him due to his training on avoiding being controlled by emotion. He shows emotion just fine, but it doesn't move him the way it does others. He likes serving others, but refuses to do so unless it is of his own free will. Although all of his training taught him that avoiding battle at all costs is by far the best route, he has developed a taste for the confrontation, and always wears a grin while fighting which has been known to cause unease in his opponents. When he isn't serving anyone he has a somewhat condescending attitude, but is still polite.

Likes: Serving, reading, dancing, and fighting.

Dislikes:Being forced to do something.

-Main Values: Do your duty so long as it doesn't betray your human rights.

-Relationship/Crushes:He has only been in one relationship that ended up not working for him. It proved that he is most attracted to smart and well mannered women.

---------- Information ----------

Job: Pirate/Part time Butler for hire

Rank: currently none as no crew has claimed him/Master royal class Butler


--*Devil Fruit*:None

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*: Styles

--*Crew*:None as of now


---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts:

History: An average birth into the Tripudio family is a very accurate statement. Walter fit well into the life of servitude like all of his ancestors, and as the last fifteen first males born before him he was named Walter. This family had served as butlers of the highest quality to royal families for years, their services always being of the highest quality. During the years The Tripudio family amassed a fortune for themselves and have almost as much money as the families they serve. Each Tripudio is "sold" at birth to the highest bidder and starts service as soon as they finish their training, going only by their first name and the title butler while in service. Walter the sixteenth was no exception and he started training as soon as he could. He was taught etiquette, math, science, languages, cleaning tips and techniques, specialty and mixed drinks, almost everything and anything that could be useful to the family he would serve. The toughest of these trainings being dance and defense, being as the dance was directly tied to the defense and a butler that could defend his master got more money then one that couldn't. He excelled in all areas and finished the training in less time then his ancestors did, namely finishing when he was fourteen instead of eighteen. Holding to tradition though he was tatooed behind his left shoulder marking him as the sixteenth Walter in the Tripudio family then sent off to serve. He served happily until he turned eighteen at which point he fell in love with the family's only daughter who was a year younger then him. Their relationship was banned the moment that they were discovered and the girl was sent off to a private school. This angered Walter but not as much as the fact that the family expected him to just serve them the same exact way as he had before. His tongue was held for a few years but when he heard the daughter was being put into an arranged marriage he quit there and then, leaving with the resolution to never serve anyone that he didn't want to. Now he uses his fighting skills to travel the sea as a pirate and has been known to take up minor part time jobs as a butler, but he never stays in one place for long.


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Walter Tripudio
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