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 Walter Tripudio style/skill

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PostSubject: Walter Tripudio style/skill   Walter Tripudio style/skill EmptyWed Feb 11, 2009 10:30 pm

-----Fighting Styles Template-----

Name of Style:Moons reflection dance

Description:This style revolves around the use of wires, manipulating them to accurately fight many targets, and even more deadly when used in single combat. The wires are thrown, caught, whipped, wrapped around the enemy, pulled, and almost any other possible action, while at the same time the user keeps themselves moving in a dance like way, making it easy to avoid many attacks and at the same time gives the proper amount of inertia to keep the wire moving.

History:This technique finds it's origins in assassination work. In the beginning the wire was very short, at most two feet, and the user would have to sneak up behind the target to strangle them. Finding this daunting as it made it harder to run away after being seen so one assassin came up with the idea of making it longer to hoop it over a rafter and make a noose of sorts. It continued to proceed in this way until the first Walter Tripudio came across the style which had become throwing the wires around. He Incorporated the dance like movements and some defensive moves because it seemed like a good addition to him, and he was right. Since then it has been passed down in the Tripudio line, which is how the most recent Walter came to learn it.

-----Skills Template-----

Name:Butler work

Description:It is exactly what the name implies. He serves as a butler, doing almost any task that is asked of him. This includes some minor cleaning, fetching items such as food or drink. Also some more important matters such as giving advice on etiquette and business affairs. Some have even been known to give advice on more personal matters, but they aren't often used for this.

Uses:Making drinks, consultation, gets money, getting food, gathering information, and other sorts of miscellaneous tasks.

History:Walter was born into a long line of butlers, and as such was trained from a very young age to be one himself. He prides himself on the quality of his services and always gives them his all. He has served under many high and upstanding families which has been a major part of keeping himself alive, by providing the money for food. This has also given him much time to practice these skills and learn some other ones such as basic cooking.
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Walter Tripudio style/skill Empty
PostSubject: Re: Walter Tripudio style/skill   Walter Tripudio style/skill EmptyWed Feb 11, 2009 10:35 pm


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Walter Tripudio style/skill
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