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 Naito Haraguroi

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PostSubject: Naito Haraguroi   Naito Haraguroi EmptySat Feb 28, 2009 2:24 pm

---------- Character ----------

Name: Naito Haraguroi

-Nickname: Night

---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human


Gender: Male

-Skin Tone: Paleish

-Hair color: Black

-Eye Color: Blue

-Weight: 170

-Height: 5'11

Physical Description: Naito has a very thin build and isn't very muscular. His eyes are a piercing blue and his dark hair and pale skin make them stand out. He is pretty tall at 5'11 and weighs a good 170 pounds. He is not exactly the most handsome guy but hes mysterious and doesn't give away much about himself. He usually doesn't smile and always keeps a serious face. He sometimes makes feel uncomfortable because of his emotionless face and piercing eyes.

Wardrobe Description: He is usually wearing a nice black suit because black is his favorite color. In his suit he always keeps a black rose on it because it looks stylish and its extremely rare. His tye is the only part of his wardrobe that isn't black. It has smoke lifting off of it which adds a mysterious vibe. His suit looks extreemly expensive sometimes people mistake him for a noble. His shoes are just as stylish always polished and italian leather(Naito has good taste). His all black etire also intemidates people or at least makes them think hes going to a funeral. His meloncholy mood almost perfectly fits his suit.

-Picture: Naito Haraguroi 46

---------- Personality ----------

Personality: Naito isn't exactly the brightest person in the world. He rarely smiles and doesn't really like happy people. It reminds him of how miserable he is. He doesn't know why hes miserable but its always been that way since he was a kid. The only things he really likes is maintaining his appearence and growing black roses. He honestly hates a lot of people and if he likes someone its either because they are like him or they have something interesting about them. He likes plants more then people because for one they are quiet and they don't annoy him. He has always wanted a reason for existing but can't seem to find it no matter what he does. He is more of a person who likes to be alone and doesn't like crowds.

Likes: He likes his suit the most of all his possesions and his unique tie. But he loves growing black roses and is quite good at it to. He studied a lot about Botanical sciences and maintaining a garden but he only excels at the black rose and fails everywhere else. He usually spends most of his days in the garden or finding jobs. But he also found a interest in martial arts so he could protect the things he likes.

Dislikes: He hates most people and crowds. He also hates people he mess with his suit or make fun of it. Not to mention the people who mess with his garden or his rose.

-Main Values: He wants to find a purpose for his existence so he constantly searches for something that he would enjoy doing besides being a flourist whos only good at making black roses. So he constantly searches for new jobs or new places to go. He never stays in one place long enough but always brings his supplies for planting.

-Relationship/Crushes: He doesn't really pay attention to girls all that much. But if someone showed interest and wasn't annoying he might try to make it work but don't count on it.

---------- Information ----------

Job: Flourist/Traveler/Bounty hunter



--*Devil Fruit*:

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*:Jujitsu



---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts:

History: Naito since he was 5 didn't smile often. His parents wondered if there was something wrong with him or if they did something to make him that way. But Naito just didn't feel like he belonged to his village. Everyone didn't really like him they called him wierd. He didn't have any friends till he found a old woman who was far away from the village and very much like him. She had a garden and said she didn't like being with the village people because they were noisy and not exactly friendly to her garden. She tought him a lot about plants and even gave him a section of her garden. He decided he wanted to plant roses because they were his favorite flower so he grabbed the seeds for the red ones and planted them. About a month later he saw that the roses were dieing and he couldn't do anything about it. So the old woman told him to find a bunch of ingredience so she could revive the roses. He went out and gathered them but made a mistake bringing the wrong type of mushroom they needed. Niether of them noticed but when they added the elixer to the roses the eventually turned black and thrived. They were the most beautiful flower he had ever seen and he always wanted them to be with him. The old woman passed away and Naito left his village soon after feeling like there was no more reason to stay.

He traveled the world looking for a place where he felt like he belonged. But every time he would be dissappointed and leave. He made a living selling his roses and doing odd jobs for people. One day in a village on a island near the grandline he was attacked by some thugs and left battered and broken on the side of the road. He could't fight back because of his weak physique and all his roses were stomped on and he was laughed at. He woke up in a strange house and his wounds had been treated. He walked outside to see a man around his 40s sitting on a stump meditating. He walked over to him and asked why he saved him. The man laughed and said "You couldnt save yourself now could you but I did it for another reason I want you to be my disciple and learn my fighting style and carry it on." He was shown Jujitsu by his master and trained for 3 years learning it ways and mastering it. His build was perfect for it and he became quite good at it.

His master had always asked why he wasn't more social and teased him for it. But he started to show some signs of being social and grew to accually be friends with his master. After 3 years they both went there seperate ways and Naito went searching for somewhere he belonged. He then started to try to make money as a bounty hunter with his new skills he quickly found it out it was easy if he just went after the low bounties because they were enough to allow him to live the way he wanted traveling. He is still looking for a place to belong.



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