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 Naito's Jujitsu

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PostSubject: Naito's Jujitsu   Naito's Jujitsu EmptySat Feb 28, 2009 2:52 pm

-----Fighting Styles Template-----

Name of Style: "The art of softness" Jujitsu

Description: Naito not being that strong of a person mainly focuses on using the opponents force against them. His techniques go from throws to kicks and joint locks. He usually takes his time in defeating his opponent his style isn't made for speed. His style excels against wepon users because it was made to fight against them. His style almost seems like a art because he moves in slow motion and his attacks almost look like hes softly putting his opponent down.But against other martial art users its just as effective. His attacks almost move in slow motion but are very effective expecially with his intemidating aura.

History: When Naito was training with his master he wanted to become stronger and build muscle. But his master told him that the style he will use won't require brute stregth. Every Jujitsu master adjust his art based on his personal skills. So Naito trained to use his oppenents force against them in almost a art like way. His master was the complete opposite using his stregth to throw the oppenent or drive him into submition. So his master was the best person to practice on. He fought with him everyday using his techniques and practicing them honing his skills. After a while his master told him that he had taught him everything he could and set off. Naito practiced his art using large objects and pirates to test his skills.


Special Moves:"Running water"

Range: Melee

Description: When the opponent attacks Naito uses his leverage and his opponents force to flip them over and slam them onto the ground. By locking the joint in the attackers arm or leg he can easily gain control. Also using a skillful side step he can redirect the weight of the opponent on his back up to about 600 pounds.

How Powerful: 4/10

Special Moves: "Walking wall"

Range: Melee

Description: Naito walks at his opponent at a slow pace and analyzes them. If not attacked he will walk right up to them and stand in front of thier faces untill they make a move. When they do Naito almost gives off the appearence of wall almost a perfect defence avoiding all in coming attacks while almost taunting his opponent by standing right in front of them waiting for them to mess up so he can exploit it. This is his most powerful defence move and most of the time can not be broken.(Unless the attack is worthy XD)

How Powerful:

-----Skills Template-----

Name: Flourist

Description: Naito is horrible with every flower but the black rose probably because its his favorite and he doesn't want to bother with any others. So he kind of has a "Black thumb" when it comes to gardening.

Uses: Growing Black roses or teaching other to grow flowers. He has extensive knowledge of plants and trees and can identify them almost imediately.

History: When growing flowers with the old woman he constantly read up on different plants and trees to find his favorite. He was always interested in it and the lady had a library full of wonderful books on plants. So he studied them for almost 2 years before mistakingly coming upon the black rose and falling in love with it. He likes plants more then people so he would want to learn everything possible about them.
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PostSubject: Re: Naito's Jujitsu   Naito's Jujitsu EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 10:55 pm

Idk, so Approved.

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Naito's Jujitsu
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