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 Giovanni Teruo

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PostSubject: Giovanni Teruo   Giovanni Teruo EmptyWed Feb 25, 2009 9:31 pm

---------- Character ----------

Name: Giovanni Teruo

-Nickname: Soul seeker

---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human

Age: 21

Gender: Male

-Skin Tone:white

-Hair color:Red-Brown

-Eye Color: Grey/blue



Physical Description:Physically speaking Giovanni is practically perfect. His entire body is well toned, and he is a little bit on the tall side too which causes him to often get mistaken for a model. His hair is kept on the longer side to hide a tattoo on the back of his neck that he had gotten during his more rebellious stage. The tattoo is a small trinity symbol circled by the words, "To defeat the living, first live with the dead, and learn life's secrets." The only other blatantly obvious physical descriptor is that his left ear is pierced with a golden hoop that is so small it hugs his ear lobe.

Wardrobe Description:Giovanni wears a very simple suit like outfit, consisting of black slacks, simple black boots, a light grey shirt, and a black jacket. His accessories include the small golden ear ring, two belts, one of which is worn loosely, a katana that is attached to both belts, a small golden arm band that is hidden by his shirt and jacket, and a pair of red gloves that he often removes because their main purpose is to increase his hold on his blade when fighting. There are many times that he's seen wearing a pair of sunglasses, which he enjoys to do, but something always happens to make him lose them or they break, so he has to buy new ones.

-Picture: Giovanni Teruo Wanderer

---------- Personality ----------

Personality:Giovanni is aware that he is found attractive, and despite taking advantage of that fact every now and then, he doesn't care for the fact. He is a kind and modest person, although it looks like he doesn't care most of the time. This wasn't the case until the day that he ate a strange fruit and received a reason to ignore everything. He will help anyone that needs the help, but if both a man and a women need help at the same time, he will chose the women every time. When left to his own devices he'll go to the beach and watch people, mostly women. Contrary to the womanizer type behavior mentioned before, Giovanni is only interested in having one girl at a time, and he doesn't actually hit on girls very often, just looks.

Likes:Glasses, being noticed for something other then his looks, helping people, and girls.

Dislikes:His looks being pointed out and too many "people" talking to him at once.

-Main Values:To make the world a better place.

-Relationship/Crushes: Giovanni likes women, just about every single last one of them. Still he has shown a certain attraction to girls with longer hair and a decent sized bust.

---------- Information ----------

Job: Bounty Hunter

Rank: 30 large bounties


--*Devil Fruit*:

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*:



---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts:After eating a devil fruit

History: Giovanni was the center of attention since the moment he was born. He came into being in an very small village, and he was the youngest one their until he turned ten. Even after losing his position as youngest he held the title for best looking boy in the village and was in and out of play relationships with the two girls his age. Despite that it was apparent that he was a total mommas boy. He enjoyed spending time with his mother the most as she did different chores around the entire town. Thinking that his son may be too girly because of this Giovanni's father stepped in and started teaching the boy how to fight, intending to have him protect the village. To every one's surprise Giovanni took to sword play easily and was a challenge for his own father in only a year. He continued training, being in one of two relationships, and spending time with his mother until he turned fifteen. It was around this age that Giovanni's parents decided to take him to see bigger towns that were located across the sea. He thought of it all as one big adventure and was having the time of his life, even getting to fight some of the crew members who were always amazed by his skill. Their travels went to many islands and Giovanni always made friends with all the girls at everyone, even some more shady characters at some. It was about the time that he turned eighteen and was considered one of the best swordsmen in the world that tragedy befell the family as a man who wanted to have poor Giovanni work for him killed both of the just turned mans parents. His response was of course to try and destroy the man who caused him so much pain. As a result he took down the entire organization single handedly, but couldn’t bring himself to kill a single one. He took his captors to the military who instantly thought he was a bounty and paid him. In that moment Giovanni decided that he would make the world a better place, and get paid while doing it. A year or so after he had caught many small fry criminals and several big guys, but one pirate was able to completely beat him down with ease, leaving him penniless and broken on the ground. An old couple had passed by and offered the poor man a fruit they had found. If Giovanni had realized what that fruit was, he never would have taken it, but he did and he used the new skills to improve his abilities as a bounty hunter, also working to find information for others if the price is right, or they are cute enough.


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PostSubject: Re: Giovanni Teruo   Giovanni Teruo EmptyWed Feb 25, 2009 10:03 pm


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Giovanni Teruo
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