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 The Stylings of Giovanni

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PostSubject: The Stylings of Giovanni   The Stylings of Giovanni EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 9:16 pm

-----Fighting Styles Template-----

Name of Style:Bushido kenjutsu

Description: This style is focused not on power, but speed. The main idea is to hit your opponent before they can hit you, and if the first attack doesn't finish it then mannipulate their own defense to be their undoing. This is done by removing the sheath from ones belt and holding it higher up so that the user can swing in a slightly more downward direction, which can almost double the speed of the swing. This also leaves the sheath in the users hand to be used defensivly.

History:Giovanni started studying swordplay under his father who had single handedly defended their small village from pirates for years. Since his father was a proficient bushido user, no one was surprised that Giovanni could also use the style. Everyone in the village other then himself was surprised when he took to it so quickly, and over took his father at using the style. Ever since he started the training there hasn't been a single day that Giovanni hasn't trained with it catching little change in movement that increases his speed and accuracy to leathal highs.


Special Moves:Roukutsen

Range: 4.5'-7.5'

Description:This is the first technique taught to Giovanni. In it he moves in under the target then slices upwards in a single very his speed slash that also sends him and the target flying into the air. It's range is only within the length of the blade, but if he moves forward first he can catch thisngs that were out of reach before he started by about three feet.

How Powerful:6


Special Moves:Bokentsu

Range: 4.5-12'

Description:This is the basic swing of the style, but Giovanni has improved upon it so that it's speed, power, and acuracy are all higher then a normal users would be. Because it is a swing it only has a natural reach of the blade's length, but because of his ability to control the momentu of the attack, Giovanni can run before actually swining and get in close enough to the opponent to still hit.

How Powerful:7


Special Moves:Channel samurai

Range: Sword

Description:Giovanni channels spiritual energy straight into his sword, and although he loses the ability to see spirits for a few hours after the fight, it carries great amounts of fortitude, increasing the sharpness and durability of his sword.

How Powerful:4


Special Moves:Channel Rorouni

Range: Self

Description:Using the same method as channel Samurai Giovanni gathers spiritual energy and then forces it into his own body. Doing so prevents any movement and prevents the sight of souls for several hours, but it makes his body hard enough to withstand almost any attack, aswell as distributing any force on his body to the area around him.

How Powerful:5
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The Stylings of Giovanni Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Stylings of Giovanni   The Stylings of Giovanni EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 9:20 pm


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The Stylings of Giovanni
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