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 Wanted Poster Template

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PostSubject: Wanted Poster Template   Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:46 am

Name: (What is your characters name?)

Nickname: (What is his or here nickname?)

Crew: (What crew is your character part of?)

Bounty Amount: (How much is your character worth in bounty amounts? In Beri please and note that its better to have a smaller bounty first and let it rise up!)

Reasons for Bounty: (The higher the bounty the more and the better reasons you need to have, you may have to add on to this, and thats ok!)

Character Page Link: (Just so us admins and mods can make sure your character was approved and check a few other things on your character.)




[b][u]Bounty Amount[/u][/b]:

[b][u]Reasons for Bounty[/u][/b]:

[b][u]Character Page Link[/u][/b]:

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Wanted Poster Template
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