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 Rules (Must Read.)

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Rules (Must Read.) Empty
PostSubject: Rules (Must Read.)   Rules (Must Read.) EmptyThu Feb 05, 2009 10:08 pm

These are the site rules and we ask all rpers on this site to abide by them. Please read carefully.

-No Godmodding- This means that if you control the other person's character who is not yours in any way, shape or form. You can not control his character for a hit or anything

-No Spamming- We ask for all those who are on this forum to please do not spam. Spamming is something is irrelevant to a topic that you are rping or posting under and is about 1-10 words long. We want you to stay on topic and if you want to say something off topic just put something like this ((Ooc: Example)) In those you will say the random piece of whatever you wish to say.

-No Cussing- We ask kindly that those rping on this site keep their language down to a minimum. We would ask that you do not step over those words of crap or damn. But if you must do so just keep it below the big words and do not do it often. If it is part of your characters attitude put *** to stop it from saying the actual word.

-No One-Liners- A one-liner is when someone posts a post that is not even a full line or 1 line and a half long. We like it to be descriptive so that everybody can have fun and really enjoy rping on this site. That is why we ask that you abide by this rule. The more descriptive you are the more fun for everybody. And the more you write the better it makes you of an rper, as long as you don't god mod.

-Have Fun- This site was not made just for rules to hinder people from having a great time, we encourage people to enjoy the forum and if you love one piece, welcome to a site made by people who do as well. We hope you enjoy your time rping with us, and we really look forward to rping with you. Keep it fun, interesting, and keep it going.

-Ranks- There are no Ranks here other then Generals of the Sea which are only for Admin's and some other special things. The only thing that makes you better then someone is your Rp ability.

(Note: I did not write this but thought it good enough to copy!)
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Rules (Must Read.)
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