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 The Flaming Ace

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PostSubject: The Flaming Ace   The Flaming Ace EmptySun Nov 27, 2011 9:28 pm

Name of Ship: The Flaming Ace

Ship Description: The ship is a eerie greyish black color with silver tinted sails. The crows nest is about the size of two barrels put together. The kitchen is the size a medium sized bar, it hacing both booths and bar stools to sit at. It also has a bar attatched. Behind the bar is the kitchen area where the chefr cooks the meals; a stove, sink, refrigerator, etc. There are two living quarters. The mens quarters and the womens quarters. The men have their own seperate rooms, which are painted the color they wish it to be. It is somewhat messy, but is to be expected. The corridor leading there is about 5 feet wide, as is the girls. The womens quarters are the same as the mens, but neater. To the right of the mens quarters and to the left of the womens quarters is the captains cabin. The room, however, is not painted the color of the captains choosing. It's the same color as the ship. At the front of the ship there is a figure head in the shape of a flaming paw with three diagonal scars in the middle of the paw. The silver tinted sails also have the Jolly Roger placed in the middle of the largest one.

Weapons: All the normal weapons a ship would have; Canons (About 5 to 6 on each side)

Other Info: N/A

Flag/Crew: The ship belongs to Ace Pirates. The flag's design is a blue flaming paw wit sharp claws. It also has three diagonal scars over the paw.

History: The Flaming Ace was build by Danielle Torino, the Shipwright, and Tracey Koneko, the Captain. The two childhood friends had started working on it when they turned 10. The two worked everyday, all day for the next 6 years on it. When they had finished it they set sail, in search f a crew. However, that night, a horrible storm came The Flaming Ace nearly got burnt do to a forest fire. The forest fire is the reasoning behind the color it has now and the name. For the next year, the two fixed all the damages to it and were able to set sail. Because of teh fire that nearly burnt the ship down, Tracey decided to name it The Flaming Ace. The reason behind this is because Danielle would shorten Tracey's name to Ace, saying that it was to long to remember. The flaming paw on the front also has a reason behind it. When the terrible storm hit, the animals in the forest had help Danielle and Tracey to put it out and in return, the two let the animals stay on teh ship until it was fixed or until they found a new home.
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The Flaming Ace
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