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 Fighting Styles/Skills Template

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Fighting Styles/Skills Template Empty
PostSubject: Fighting Styles/Skills Template   Fighting Styles/Skills Template EmptyThu Feb 05, 2009 10:00 pm

You make one or the other or both if you want but you don't have to! (An example of someone who has both is Sanji, he has a unique fighting style and is a cook!)

-----Fighting Styles Template-----

Name of Style: (Name of the fighting style!)

Description: (Describe the basics of the style with at least 3+ Lines!)

History: (All styles come from somewhere, please tell us where this one derived from, and how your character knows it in 5+ Lines!)


(You may have to copy paste this next section a few times as you may have many special moves!)

Special Moves Name: (What the name of this special move? Think back to what other people call their's for ideas!)

Range: (If its ranged, how far can it reach, in feet please!)

Description: (What it looks like if someone watched it and what it does! 2+ Lines!)

How Powerful: (On a scale from 1 - 10 how powerful is this? The more powerful the more energy it will take.)

-----Skills Template-----

Name: (Name of the skill.)

Description: (What is this skill? Be descriptive, 2+ Lines.)

Uses: (What are this skills uses?)

History: (At least 5+ Lines of how your character obtained the skill!)

[b]-----Fighting Styles Template-----[/b]

[b][u]Name of Style[/u][/b]:




[b][u]Special Moves[/u][/b]:



[b][u]How Powerful[/u][/b]:

[b]-----Skills Template-----[/b]




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Fighting Styles/Skills Template
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