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 Legion(work in progress)

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PostSubject: Legion(work in progress)   Legion(work in progress) EmptyThu Mar 04, 2010 12:03 pm

---------- Character ----------

Name: Angelo Legion

-Nickname: "Green Eyes"

---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human

Age: 18

Gender: Male

-Skin Tone: White, somewhat pale

-Hair color: Black

-Eye Color: Glowing Green

-Weight: 170

-Height: about 5"11 (178.3 cm)

Physical Description:
Angelo is well built, he has broad shoulder and a muscular back, though he isn't stocky. He is very muscular, though not bulky, and well defined. He has a scar running in between his left shoulder and neck, down his chest, and stops half way down his abdomen. He also has a sleeve(Tattoo) on his entire right arm, stopping right before it intersects with the scar. His left arm also has a few miscellaneous light scars on it. His hair is The tattoo it's self is color, Depicting a tsunami wave, A Katana, dragon, and a few other things that fit in with the theme, ending with an Oni mask on his shoulder. His eyes are a bright glowing green, that intimidate as well sooth. His left ear is cover in helix piercings.

Wardrobe Description:
Thin Black overcoat, Gray colored jeans. Wears a platinum chain, with a pendant on it. He has a pocket watch that stays in his left pocket, though all you can see of it is the over sized sliver chain attached to his belt loop.He doesn't wear a shirt under the overcoat, as he is usually in warm places and can easily stand the cold.


Legion(work in progress) Pictur11

---------- Personality ----------

Angelo can be described as serious yet relaxed, pugilistic, smug, and at times brutal. He carries a sense of honor, instilled on him by his Grandfather. He is a free soul, and does whatever he so well chooses, which naturally led to him being a Pirate. Oddly enough, he doesn't loot and plunder towns, but instead, makes a living by raiding Marine ships, as well as other Pirates. He has a soft spot for women and children, which is why he doesn't loot towns. He enjoys and plays with children, though he can't stand them for very long. He doesn't have a problem with killing, and may even enjoy it depending on who he is ripping apart, and as such, has no fear of death. Instead his view of death is positive, thinking of it as "awakening from a dream.", or a better way of putting it is, "It's not that I don't want to die, it's just that I prefer to live.". To him, you must earn your death, by never giving up, and fighting death, even when you draw your last breath, you must be wholeheartedly dedicated to survival, and then you can finally "awake from your dream". In battle he can be described as; Brutal, vicious, and focused. He truly enjoys fighting. He earned his nickname "Green Eyes" from his glowing green eyes, that glow even brighter when he is engaged in a fight he enjoys, so much so, that streaks of green follow his eyes when he moves.

Likes: Pretty women, Gambling, Fighting, Meditation, Cooking, Working out, Chess, Gardening, Honor, Dogs.

Dislikes: Children, Smoking, Filth, Traitors, Thieves.

-Main Values: Honor, Respect, Strength, A Gentle Man, Freedom.

-Relationship/Crushes: He is cautious about who he romances. Angelo is shy, usually, when admitting to taking a liking to a girl, and as such, has little, but some, relationship experience. He is charming, but he caution usually creates space between women he is interested in.

---------- Information ----------

Job: Pirate

--*Weapons/Armor*: N/A

--*Devil Fruit*: N/A

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*: Killer Haki

--*Crew*: Green Eye Pirates

--*Ship*: Killer 8

---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts:
8 is his favorite number because of it's symmetry.
He hates sweet foods, preferring spicy and bitter.



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Legion(work in progress)
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