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 Eskrima Style

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PostSubject: Eskrima Style   Eskrima Style EmptyFri Dec 18, 2009 2:40 pm

Name of Style: Eskrima

Description: Eskrima is the ancient art of beating the piss out of your opponents with embarrassingly small wooden sticks. The style involves teaching a variety of lightning fast strikes, grapples, and disarming moves that are equally effective when using the traditional eskrima sticks, knives, or bare hands, the philosophy being that the lack of a weapon should never come between an eskrimador and the ability to murder people.

History: This fighting style was practiced by scrawny rice farmers who would, and still do, take on a 1600 lb. water buffalo, meaning they could probably make any WWE star squeal like a little girl within seconds, an event worthy of Pay-Per-View. For centuries, it was used by the Filipinos to beat each other senseless, but when Magellan arrived in 1521, some Filipinos decided to diversify by using it to beat foreigners senseless.

here is a video that shows what this fighting style is like this includes the move labai and shows how its done.

Special Moves Name: Labai

Range: Close range counter

Description: First sin checks the person attacking him by blocking the attack then he locks their elbow over their arm. then he uses the persons own momentum to slam them on the ground. so its a block, joint lock, and a throw all in one.

How Powerful: Basically does this as a reflex so he doesn't use much energy does 2 or 3 damage because there is a 10% chance that the opponents elbow will be dislocated.

History: This was one of the first moves he learned from his grandfather. he learned it by repeatedly being tossed during his training. now he has mastered this move to the point where he does it as a reflex even if someone tries to attack sin when he is asleep.
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Eskrima Style
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