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 Sunny Sunny Fruit

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PostSubject: Sunny Sunny Fruit   Sunny Sunny Fruit EmptyTue Nov 03, 2009 9:26 pm

Name: Sunny Sunny fruit

Looks: The sunny sunny fruit has a golden color and is shaped like the sun

Granted abilities: The user's hands and feet has sun like abilities. They are able to create flashes of light that temporarliy blind the user's opponents. There hands and feet can heat up as hot as the sun and will disintagrate anything they touch. They can take sunlight and solidify it to make wepons with their hands but only when there is sunlight.

How your charecter got the fruit: While cleaning the marine ship he used to work on, he took a break to day dream his life as a pirate. He watched the seas for a long time when he noticed a strange looking chest out in the water. Wondering what it was he jumped out into the water and swam to the chest and brought back to ship. When he opened it there was a black box and on it was an inscription that said Sunny Sunny fruit. He took the black box out of the chest and opened it to find a fruit shaped like the sun. Unknown to him that it was a devil fruit he took a bite to see what it tasted like. When it seemed harmless to him he ate the rest of it. When he closed the lid of the chest however, his hand brunt a hole right through it. And that’s how my character got the Sunny Sunny fruit.

RP sample: What the hell? My hand brunt right through the lid... Aaron looked at the inscription on the black box, Sunny Sunny Devil fruit, "oh no! A Devil fruit! crap," suddenly the black box set on fire and disintegrated into ash in seconds, "what the hell is going on? What are my powers then?" Aaron looked at his hands and they suddenly flashed in his eyes, blinding him, "owww! BRIGHT!" When he regained his vision he was on his back staring at the sun. Sunny Sunny fruit? Does it mean... The sun? A thought suddenly strucked Aaron. If I have Devil powers... I can finally get off this stupid marine ship and become a pirate. This ship is nothing but hell. Nobody here respects me... So I guess now that I have the power-
"AARON! Get off your lazy butt and get back to work!" It was the Colonel, the one who mad Aaron mad the most. He gave him a cold stare, "I don't have to listen to you yell at me anymore... Starting to day... I'M A PIRATE!" He ran at the Colonel, "Solar Flare Kick!" Aaron's foot turned red and he thursted it upward at the Colonel's face. As soon as he hit him the Colonel was covered in white flames, "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!" he screamed, "SO HOOOOOOOOOOT!" The Colonel was being burnt alive by the hottest fire in the universe. His skin melted in half a minute, then his muscles, then finally his bones were reduced to ashes. It happened in only one minute. More Marines came running around the corner with guns. All they saw was a pile of ash that used to be the Colonel and Aaron standing by it.
"Those were the Colonel's screams! What did you do to him!" Aaron stared at them, there were only three, "I killed him..." The soldiers were taken aback by the statement, "shoot him!" yelled one of them. Before one of them could pull the hammer back, Aaron raised his left hand up, "Sun shiny Daze!" a flash of light flashed out of his hand and blinded the three soldiers. Aaron jumped onto the railing of the ship and ran at them. The solider in the middle couldn't see for he had been blinded. He heard movement to his right and he shot without thinking. When his vision came back he saw that he shot his own comrade. Someone started yelling to his left. He turned around and saw Aaron grabbing the third solider by the neck, burning straight through it. The second solider fell on his knees as his friend's head fell off. Aaron had decapitated him with only heat. Aaron stood over the last marine. He took his right hand and placed it over the marine's face, "Blinding Fire!" His hand lit up and surrounded the area with light. When it disappeared the last marine's head had disappeared, well most of it. Aaron walked away towards one of the ships dingy and set one in the water and rowed away from the ship. He stood up and stared at the ship, then he raised his arms above his head with his hands flat against each other, then he brought them down in front of him. A bright light shone from his hands, "SOLAR," he opened his hands up and a mini sun appeared in his hand, "CANNON!" the mini sun shot out of his hands speeding towards the ship. In a moment the ship exploded into a thousand bits and pieces, raining down from the sky. Aaron sat back down in the rowboat and began to row to the nearest island. WC= 606
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Sunny Sunny Fruit
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