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 Bachiko Sennyo

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PostSubject: Bachiko Sennyo   Thu Feb 26, 2009 8:43 am

---------- Character ----------

Name: Bachiko Sennyo

-Nickname: Aphrodite (A friend called her that by mistake, but it stuck.)

---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human

Age: 19

Gender: Female

-Skin Tone: Caucasian

-Hair color: Brownish - Blonde (Depends on lighting.)

-Eye Color: Blue Eyes

-Weight: 112

-Height: 5’2”

Physical Description: Bachiko has blue eyes that are so filled with depth that one could lose hours just gazing into them. If her eyes fail to catch your attention then her long silky hair that flows naturally with the wind would, and if still not then, then simply her bust would. Although not huge many would call them the perfect size or ideal. One thing that you would notice about Bachiko is how her skin looks soft and when you touch it, its even softer, and everywhere is like that. She has a small bloody rose tattoo on her hip and although when she wears bikinis its noticeable, no one cares. Usually keeping her right eye covered with her hair and part of her cheek, most people don’t see her almost constant blush that never seems to go away. Overall Bachiko is the girl that always gets the stares, if not from the front then from the back, and looks beautiful always, even more so when wet.

Wardrobe Description: When not working Bachiko wears a bikini top and bottom always, she may wear something over them but will wear a bikini underneath. Most common for her to do when not on the job is to wear loose fit jeans or a some short shorts but with nothing on on top other then the bikini top. She has 3 different bikini’s that she wears, the first is the one she normally wears which is a simple white. The second being a hot red one she wears when feeling flirty, and her final one is light blue one that doesn’t show off as much skin for when she isn’t feeling so good. Bachiko wears something different when working but will usually keep her bikini on underneath as she owns no lingerie, sometimes she goes natural. Wearing slender black pants that are tailored for her, a short sleeved light purple polo, and a long trench coat. Its a weird outfit but she still looks good in it. As for shoes she wears flip flops and nothing but.


---------- Personality ----------

Personality: Bachiko is very fun loving and is like her name says, “Happy child.” Also like her last name would suggest she is somewhat of a nymph although never actually makes it past the removing the bikini bottom part. She does enjoy teasing boys and such but does have a sense of when the time is right and when it is not. Being nice most the time gets Bachiko allot of friends but really none of them know her as she keeps a wall around herself thats very thick. Under that armor is a very sad little girl who is shy and just wants to truly loved, although no one has yet to break this layer, if they did she would most likely change completely. Although she is happy Bachiko does have a temper that can go from 1 - 100 in a second although its quick and afterwords she calms down and usually apologizes. Depending on the person she is talking to she may decide to act different. When on the job she becomes emotionless, although weird it was something that she learned to do as you couldn’t have emotions if your asked to kill people.

Likes: It is hard to tell what she really likes as it appears to be everything, but she may decide to hide the fact that she doesn’t.

Dislikes: Also being hard to tell what she dislikes although the common pervert and evil people are big ones.

-Main Values: The only value that she actually has and states is that keeping clean is important.

-Relationship/Crushes: Bachiko would fall for anyone hot, and flirt with them, then tease them for a long time before turning them down.

---------- Information ----------

Job: Assassin

Rank: Leader one of the biggest assassin groups out there, Bloody Roses, of course this is a complete secret.

--*Weapons/Armor*: Zangetsu

--*Devil Fruit*: None.

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*:

--*Organization*: Bloody Rose Organization


---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts: Alcohol does wonders on Bachiko, she will giggle allot but mainly wanna kiss and flirt with boys then go swimming with them or even skinny dipping.

History: Aiko Sennyo, a very pretty young lady and Bachiko’s mother, fell in love with a beautiful man over night, he left the next day to leave Aiko pregnant. Being young and weak once Aiko gave birth to the child she abandoned her to leave the poor helpless baby as a orphan. This baby was named Bachiko by the couple that found her, simply cause she was smiling even though in a dark alley way all alone. The couple couldn’t have kids but were somewhat wealthy so they saw Bachiko as a perfect opportunity to have a child they never could have. Moving back to their home island they settled down in comfort to raise the very beautiful little girl. It was a small island with only younger boys so being the only little girl on the island meant being the center of attention while she was a baby. A little later all the boys would pick on her for being a girl and would not allow her to play games with them, finding this annoying Bachiko decided to play with the adults instead. Meeting a old man on the island he was glad to teach her sword fighting style so she could protect herself when the day came along and she would have to. In later years her adopted mom and dad died in a fire that was caused by some drunk pirates, feeling hate run through her veins she let it out by killing the entire crew as they slept. Being but 8 she decided to move away from the island to find something new as a fisherman offered to take her to a different island, this island had allot more people on it. Bachiko was rather happy to find other girls in the town but was noted to be the prettiest of all of them. Living on the streets though was something that toughened her up and let her put a thick wall to mentally keep her real self from coming out. Meeting a young lady while playing the lady was nice enough to take her in, even though she was single and lived in a small little house. Being 10 Bachiko was good on her own but still needed a mother of sorts. The lady was much richer then she showed as she was secretly a assassin and as Bachiko grew up the lady taught her everything she knew. At the age of 13 Bachiko decided that boys were cute enough to chase after. Falling in love with a boy she quickly found out that her now present and growing bust could get boys to do almost anything she wanted them to. Using this to her advantage she found herself no longer paying for food or drinks as simply flirting with the male waiters would do the job. Of course just about every girl on the island both loved her and hated her for stealing the attention away from them and onto her. Bachiko grew older, yet still kept her little V-card as she was told by her now fake mom of sorts that no boy should ever get it unless they can win it from you. Time passed on and Bachiko got better at assassination then her fake mom and eventually gained control of the organization at 17. Leading them into the future, with the back up of her fake mother, Bachiko quickly grew the once small assassination group into one of the biggest in the world. Almost every bounty hunter would jump on the chance to catch the leader of the group, they just don’t know who that person is. Being contacted out by the World Government on many occasions she doesn’t have a bounty, but it would give anyone a big name if they could catch the leader of the Bloody Roses. Now 18 Bachiko has allot of money that she uses on bikini’s and not much else, if someone could see how many people she killed in the past 8 years it would be in the 500’s most likely. Upon meeting her though its impossible to tell that she is a assassin as it seems like she is more of a party animal that could be a model.



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1st General of the Sea

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PostSubject: Re: Bachiko Sennyo   Thu Feb 26, 2009 8:45 am


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Bachiko Sennyo
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