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 The Mad Hatters Ship

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The Mad Hatters Ship Empty
PostSubject: The Mad Hatters Ship   The Mad Hatters Ship EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 9:46 pm

Name of Ship:The Very Merry Un-Birthday.

Ship Description:This ship isn't particularly large, but is in no way a small ship. This vessel was designed to be able to hold up to twelve people, but only three are really needed to operate it. The deck is big enough that all twelve people could move around freely. Down below the deck is four different sleeping quarters. The smallest for the captain, a large one for four to five men, one of similar size for four women, and a smaller guest area for one to two people. There is also a decent sized kitchen which is well equipped, an armory and magazine, although both are small and not very well stocked, and finally meeting room for the higher ups on the boat to meet and speak. The boat has only two masts, and it is decoratively painted white with a dark blue trim, and it's name on the side in black paint, and the back reads "Thanks for the Party favors". At the front of the boat is a females figure as with most others, only this one has a top hat atop its head. It was quite obviously not meant for pirating originally, but that was pretty much the effect that Sevastian was looking for when he purchased it. Something that would make people laugh even as it left with all the treasure and maybe a few lives.

Weapons:There are eight cannons located on the ship. Two on the deck, facing each side, and six bellow the deck with two on each side and the two placed at the rear.

Other Info:

Flag/Crew:The Mad Hatter Pirates
The Mad Hatters Ship Jolly-roger20

History:This ship was the accumulation of three years work by Sevastion. He would go from island to island looking for someone that would re-work an existing ship for his use. When he finally did find someone to do it for him he had to struggle with tha man over price and some finer details. All that Sevastian took from the experience was that master craftsmen are not very reasonable, charge excessive amounts, and really don't like it when you make their hands look like oranges. Still in the end he got a ship that made him smile and that was all that really mattered top the Mad Hatter as he raised his flag for the first time.
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The Mad Hatters Ship Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Mad Hatters Ship   The Mad Hatters Ship EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 9:48 pm


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The Mad Hatters Ship
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