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 Miya Loveless

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PostSubject: Miya Loveless   Miya Loveless EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 8:14 pm

---------- Character ----------

Name: Miya Loveless


---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human

Age: 16

Gender: Female

-Skin Tone: Caucasian/Pale

-Hair color: Pinkish/Purplish

-Eye Color: Dark Purple

-Weight: 110

-Height: 5’2”

Physical Description: Miya is rather attractive and some could even say beautiful. Her skin is like that of the smoothest silk and rather pale even though she is always in the sun she never tans and her skin is the same color everywhere. Although she doesn’t have the most obvious curves she still does have some, if asked she would say that she is still developing, her bust is a normal size. Having no tattoos the idea of getting one bothers Miya allot, but she does a small scar on her left arm. Keeping her fingernails at a perfect length and always manicured it hard to imagine that she ever uses her hands as they are also perfect. Something rather odd about Miya is how her feet always stay clean even when walking around bare foot, also her lips and tongue are extremely soft if you ever get the pleasure to kiss her you would find it hard to stop.

Wardrobe Description: No one has ever seen Miya in anything other then her orange and white/cream plaid maid outfit, other then seeing her naked. Always wearing a maid head thing and keeping her hair in a ponytail of sorts she enjoys wearing the same thing everyday. The maids outfit is made of the finest material and has many ribbons on it meaning that it takes her a little bit to actually put it all the way on correctly which she does. Wearing her white stockings and little orange slipper shoes with little bows on them she loves them cause of how clean they look and simply they have some metal in the toe so she can kick and hurt people.


Miya Loveless Maids_17-3

Miya Loveless Maid_11

---------- Personality ----------

Personality: Miya is very polite and very nice to everyone even if they are being mean to her mentally, once things get physical her politeness goes away. Simply Miya loves to cook and is extremely good at it to the point that her angel food cake won best and was eaten by the admirals for desert over many nights while they had a meeting. Being happy always along with wanting to obey and serve makes her a great maid. When dismissed from her job for the day she often will practice cooking or sing to herself. It is hard for Miya to not be polite and nice along with happy but during a fight she can get extremely protective. Some people could say that she is very mothering of people and little kids seem to gravitate towards her while guys do to. At times though she can want to be alone, do her own thing, this only happens once a year or so for only a week then she goes back to her bubbly self. People have said she can follow orders but is almost to stupid to actually give any. The only thing she is not polite about is her food, when she wants you to try a piece of cake, you will try a piece of cake.

Likes: Food (Its amazing she is not fat.), children, cute things, nice people, cute boys, strawberries, chocolate, teddy bears, and the color orange. Other things would be serving people, being naked, people who like her food, and kissing in romantic places, also being on the ocean under the stars.

Dislikes: Mean people, ugly things, perverts, blood, bad food, and the idea of being locked in a basement. Other things are people who dislike her food and people who try to push a kiss upon her.

-Main Values: Being nice, polite, and most of all making good food that makes people want seconds.

-Relationship/Crushes: If there cute, nice, and polite Miya likes them, but its her secret that she has never actually done anything with anyone as she is scared to.

---------- Information ----------

Job: Chef/Maid/Pirate

Rank: Worlds Best Pastry/Cake Baker, also Best Tea Ever award.

--*Weapons/Armor*: LINK

--*Devil Fruit*:

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*: LINK

--*Crew*: LINK

--*Ship*: LINK (Ship she is on at the moment.)

---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts: Miya has never had any alcohol but if she ever does she would turn into a giggly girl that would giggle at everything and probably stumble around.

History: Being born into a house where her mother was a maid and her father was a chef, so she learned from both worlds. Miya’s mother was very pretty but had a problem of being mute so her mom was never able to speak to her daughter or husband but they developed a way of talking through gestures. Her father was a very noble man who could make the best sweet dishes around and everyone knew it. Together they were rather wealthy but always busy with there work. Upon reaching the age of 3 Miya learned how to make a cake along with learning how to properly bow and act around people of higher class then herself. Soon she had a little sister and Miya then learned how to care for small children, surprising everyone that a 3 year old girl could do all of this. Unfortunately a year later her little sister died of some sort of disease, the family was saddened but in truth Miya didn’t really even care that much as she was not attached to the constantly crying baby.

Soon Miya was 5 and already started to serve at a household with her mother, being a nice family that they served they gave her easy jobs and even enjoyed the fact that she was trying so hard. Something did happen though as Miya got a little crush on the son of the couple she served. Being the same age they would often play when she was not working, the parents thought it was cute and didn’t mind but Miya’s parents were furious that she dare get close to her masters son. Getting upset she ran away from home for a full day then was found by her mother, on a silent walk back home they heard gunshots. Once they got home Miya found her dad shot along with her masters killed, all by the hands of marines who were drunk. After she and her mom found some other marines to help stop the drunk marines they went home to burry her father. Being upset as Miya loved her father so much she refused to leave where he was buried and even as it poured she sat and cried hoping that her dad would come up behind her and pick her up and laugh. It never happened so after a week she went back to her mother who did her best to try and raise Miya although her job was 12 hours a day. But once again disaster struck as her mother was raped by the man of the house she was serving then she was killed, Miya found herself all alone and full of fear and hate. Eventually she was taken in by a elderly lady who was a maid also, being 7 now, she did her best to teach Miya all she knew. This continued for 5 years and when Miya was 12 she went off and found a great family to serve under as a maid/chef. Learning from her mistakes she got better and better at cooking till the point came where the family she served insisted that she enter a food contest. Winning she went on and got better and better each year till at 14 she won the Worlds Best Pastry/Cake Award meaning it was served to the Marine Admirals and Head Admiral, all of whom loved it and wanted seconds. Feeling special she moved on from the family and started wandering around when she found that being a pirate meant many great bonuses.

At 16 Miya fell in love with a boy that was wealthy and powerful, after many months of laughing together, sharing food, and even sleeping in the same bed Miya was ready to do it with him. On the night, after she had made a wonderful dinner and cleaned it all up, they started to kiss when he went crazy and tried to rape her then kill her. Failing, as Miya was much stronger then he realized she accidentally killed him in the fight and got a bounty on her head for it. Now on the run Miya found herself out of a job until she found something to do. This something was being the maid of a pirate ship, taking the job she soon found it full of drunks and got mad when the captain tried to feel her up, destroying everyone on the ship she found that pirates were annoying to work for. Currently she is looking for a crew to join and is hoping that this one will not be full of drunk people.



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Miya Loveless
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