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 Sevastian Dementis

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PostSubject: Sevastian Dementis   Sevastian Dementis EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 7:56 pm

---------- Character ----------

Name: Sevastian Dementis

-Nickname:The Mad Hatter

---------- Appearance ----------




-Skin Tone:White

-Hair color:Red

-Eye Color:Blue



Physical Description:Sevastian is a very muscular man having been a pirate for years. He is considered to be tall but not giant, and he has managed to keep himself on the slim side during all the years. There are multiple scars on his body although most never see those as they remind Sevastian of the days when he was weak, and he'd rather live in the now. His legs are rather long and thick have grown to compensate for the movements of the ship and strain of fighting. An overall rating of Sevastian tends to be that he is attractive for being so big, which suits him just fine as he often enjoys talking to women, whether they interest him physically or not.

Wardrobe Description:Despite the constant damages recieved from fighting Sevastian goes out of his way to buy the best of clothing, often wearing fashionable suits. These rang through out many different styles and a few different colors, although he prefers a light brown almost tan suit with a red neck tie, and he wears gloves off and on depending on his mood. The one fahion statement that played the most into his nick name are the hats that he wears. He has a vast supply of specially made top hats. These often have colored designs around the hat while it's base color is black. Most people have no clue why he took to wearing such outlandish hats, but most that meet him don't worry too much about what he's wearing anyway.

-Picture: Sevastian Dementis 1213785453094

---------- Personality ----------

Personality:Well to start off there is a reason that he's called the MAD Hatter. Although when the name first came up it was a joke between crewmates, he has lived to fulfill the title ever since. He finds pleasure in toying with people and will often say something completely irrelevant just to mix them up. Despite this he's managed to still keep meaning with everything he says. It has also been discovered that he's lead people down a twisted path of lies, fake advice, and meaningless tasks just to see how they would react. In the end though it comes out that he is actually sane when it matters. The only people that he always speaks with frankly are those higher in rank then himself or those serving under him after he became a captain, those that have proven themselves worthy of getting past the madness, and the people he wants to get close too quickly.

Likes:Generally chaotic moments, loyalty, and toying with people.

Dislikes:Complete order, Marines, people who don't react to his games at all, and broccoli.

-Main Values:To make life fun for those who aren't exactly right in the head.

-Relationship/Crushes:Sevastian particularly likes more exotic girls who are almost as tall as he is. If they speak a different language and are a little cooky, then he's found his dream girl.

---------- Information ----------

Job: Pirate

Rank: Captain


--*Devil Fruit*:

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*:



---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts:Sevastian's closest friend is his pet owl named Hare. Also, the cane he carries is his primary weapon.

History:Sevastian was born into a particularly poor family, and disliked it from day one. As an infant he would cry constantly and seemed to refuse almost all human contact. Still his parents stuck close to him, loving him the way a child should be loved, and giving him everything they could. Because of their devotion Sevastian did eventually warm up to his parents. By the age of four dear young Sevastian was often growing bored without the use of toys, his family too poor to buy them, when he discovered that there was a high hill where he could see down into the homes of the wealthy. He began to watch his own little soap operas every day that was the life of the wealthy. Scandals, betrayals, affairs, secret romances, and the such. His parents became worried about their son spending so much time out alone, so by saving all their free money they bought him a pet owl for his fifth birthday. He fell in love with the animal right away and played with it everyday, causing the bird to form a bond with him as well. Still he'd often go to the hill, now with his friend, and watch the happenings. He came to watch one house in particular the most, because it was a drama central, and yet no one seemed to be getting caught. One night that moment that Sevastian had been waiting for arrived in the form of a well dressed man wearing all black, topped off with a black top hat. The boy watched as each of the little mistakes were brought out into the open and relished the conflict before him, even without being able to hear any of it. After seeing how it all played out Sevastian walked home talking to his owl about it happily, although he had been out way too late. He came home to find both of his parents not just dead but completely torn apart with their innards over the walls in their little shack. The boy was obviously traumatized by the sight. He cried for hours on end curled up into a ball far away from the house with a marine as other marines examined the scene. Apparently some satanic group had chosen his family for their rituals which didn't work. Sevastian went to an insane asylum for somewhere around two years, being allowed to keep only his pet owl.

It was at this point when Sevastian was seven years old that a visitor came to the small asylum to make a donation. It was the man who had brought so much entertainment into the boys life before that time of pain, he was dressed differently and lacked the hat altogether but it was still him. Sevastian confronted the man and the two talked for what seemed like days to the boy even though it was only a few hours. He found out that the man was actually a pirate who had been collecting a sum of blackmail that night, and that he had been enjoying his life ever since. Sevastian was enticed by this and eventually he earned his way out of the asylum and at age ten found a crew that would take him. He worked his way up from a tiny grunt to a respected, although low ranking, member of the crew in only two years and was enjoying every day. One day he stood on the deck and whistled for his pet owl, whom he had named Hare because it had a tendency to hop around on the ground like a rabbit, and it came to him dropping a peculiar fruit at his feet. He picked up the fruit and examined it, eating the thing only seconds before another crew mate noticed and tried to stop him. It was the rabidus-rabidus fruit, which gave the person who ate it the ability to create illusions. Despite knowing its actual name Sevastian took to calling it the "Tea and crumpets fruit" because that's what he thought it tasted like. At first he could only make a single person see a small illusion but by the time he was fifteen he could make up to eight people see six of him if he so desired it, and this ability got him the place of first mate on the ship. To celebrate the day he got promoted he went out and bought himself a nice suit with a top hat (one showed in above pic). Upon returning to the ship someone who knew of his past time at the asylum made a crack about it being the mad hatter, and it stuck. He stayed with that crew until he turned twenty, then he went off on his own.

For five years he traveled alone honing his abilities as best he could before returning to the life of piracy. He now acts as captain of his own crew having spent the last three years finding a ship that met his tastes, and sails the seas sharing the joys of insanity with the world!


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PostSubject: Re: Sevastian Dementis   Sevastian Dementis EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 8:04 pm


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Sevastian Dementis
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