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 Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi

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PostSubject: Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi   Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 4:35 pm


Name: Hisoka Bayushi

-Nickname: "The magician"

---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human

Age: 23

Gender: male

-Skin Tone:Pale

-Hair color: Red

-Eye Color:light blue

-Weight: 210

-Height: 6'2

Physical Description: Hisoka is a well built scary individual. He stands at 6'2 and is also very flexible. His eyes are always watching everything around him. They are a misty light blue and have a mysterious look to them. His smile is deathly frightening almost like a preditor going in for the kill. He has 2 tattoos on his cheeks a star on his right and a tear on his left. His eye brows are arched and almost as vindictive as he is. He has a sharp angled face almost like a wolves and when hes hunting his prey he almost has a munched over demonic sence about him. Most of the time he wears a fake smile but you can tell when he is truely happy. Prey you never see that smile.

Wardrobe Description: He wears a a red outfit with the sleeves cut. On each of the his shoulders front and back are the symbols of cards. His suit almost looks like a martial artist outfit. His pants are kind of baggy to allow flexibilty when using his techniques. The suit is made out of a durable material that isnt easily riped but nothing like armor. He has a sash tied around his waste where he hides at least 1 of the decks. His shoes are also red and made of leather. His suit has many secret pocket where he hides things after all he is a magician. Under his suit are about 300lbs in weight he carries around at all time so he doesn't go to crazy and kill someone he may want to prey on.

-Picture: Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi Hisoka

---------- Personality ----------

Personality: Hisoka is a terrifieing guy in every sence of the word. He loves killing people regardless of age or stregth. But he has a habit of deaming people worthy of living. He acts as a god choosing who lives and who dies. He lives for the thrill of fighting someone who may become stronger then him. He referes to them as unripe fruit and says that he will wait untill they become ripe and then destroy them. His thurst for blood is horrifying and makes him a monster. He loves playing with cards and making things with them or just shuffling them or playing tricks. He loves to play mind games and destroy people from the inside or for his prey make them hate and want to kill him. Hisoka demented as he is has a somewhat of a sence of humor. He will play tricks on people and may even have a little fun. But for the most part he wears his fake smile and is always looking for new prey.

Likes: To kill people mostly. But his habit of playing god and killing those he chooses when they become thier strongest. He also likes cards.

Dislikes: When someone interferes or trys to kill his prey he shows no mercy to those who mess with his game. He hates older people or people in there prime because they are no fun to fight. Also he hates regular humans because he sees them as trash and expendible

-Main Values: He doesn't really have morals but he lives to find strong potential and feel rushes of excitement.

-Relationship/Crushes: Hisoka doesn't care about relationships

---------- Information ----------

Job: Pirate


--*Weapons/Armor*: A deck of cards.

--*Devil Fruit*: none

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*: Magicians trade



---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts: Hisoka gets stronger the more he gets excited. So the better the fighter the more it draws out of him.

History: Hisoka was born into a poor family and he always used to go into the forest. He saw how the animals preyed on one another and the strong lived and the weak died. He slowly wanted power and wanted to become someone who changed the laws of nature, those who he liked lived and those worthless died. His dad was a magician and taught him his tricks and how to play with cards. His dad put him through tough training because to his dad magic was everything and he didn't want his son to be anything short of great. Finger exercises were constant and to this day he still does them. He became a master of his art at 15 and moved to the town impressing people with his tricks. He was regarded as a genius but he didn't like this life. When he was 16 he moved into the forest and hunted the animals preying on the strongest. The forest soon reaked of death as he honed his killing skills. He needed a stronger prey so he moved into town. He massacured everyone at 17 200 civilians including his parents. As he left he said," None were worthy." He left his town and set off to sea looking for strong oponents. He killed many strong men but it wasn't enough something was missing killing someone in there prime left a sour taste in his mouth. His ship was raided by pirates in a encounter that changed his life he killed them all but found a boy. The boy charged at him with tears in his eyes. He was bursting with excitement he decided then that he wanted to find people with potential build there dreams up only to crush them down. He imobolized the boy and told him to become stronger and find him but to remember hes always watching. The fire in the boys eyes at that moment was what made Hisoka choose. He would become fate itself and accend to become a god. Only few live to tell tales about him and those are the ones he deams worthy to live. Classified as a pirate because he kills civilians he looks for the unripened fruit of the world.



*NOTE: Anything with 2 -- or *’s means it must be approved somewhere else before it can be used.

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Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi   Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 5:00 pm

More on physical description and wardrobe and more personality....

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Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi   Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 6:18 pm


"You can love me, just don't hate me!" - Admin
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Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi   Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi Empty

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Hisoka "The magician" Bayushi
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