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 Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction]

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Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction] Empty
PostSubject: Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction]   Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction] EmptySat Feb 14, 2009 5:23 pm

---------- Character ----------

Name:Evaline Rhapsody

-Nickname:Eva or Evy

---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human



-Skin Tone: Sun touched tan

-Hair color:Radiant Gold

-Eye Color:Tropical Sea Blue

-Weight:110 lbs

-Height: 5' 7"

Physical Description: Everyone knows that Evaline is a stunningly beautiful, save the girl herself. She obviously doesn’t think that she is ugly, but modestly believes that she is bordering “cute” but especially not beautiful. Of course, no one can resist taking a good look at the young woman as she walks by with her brilliant smile. On her diamond shaped face are placed two eyes of startling crystal blue which are framed by her radiant golden locks of straight hair (which she cares for religiously.).

Wardrobe Description:Her clothing has changed since taking to the seas and on a warm sunny day she can be found wearing her favorite outfit of forest green and light tan which match her boat. And always around her neck sits a green stone, laced on a thin line of silver. The stone is actually a sea dyed diamond which has turned green due to a unique exposure to sea foam. The stone is a family heirloom which has been passed down from generation to generation in Mrs. Rhapsody’s family

Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction] Pirate

---------- Personality ----------

Personality: Joyous and cheerful, Miss Rhapsody rarely fails to bring happiness into the life of those around her. Combined with a strong sense of charisma and resourceful intelligence, Eva is a naturally born leader. Evaline is quite optimistic on almost every situation (sometimes even overly optimistic.) (working on it... not overly energetic, dance, sing, flute, calm, loves to sit and think, needs a breather, responsible for her friends, Curious...)



-Main Values:


---------- Information ----------

Job: Merchant

Rank: Captain

--*Weapons/Armor*: On a leather strap that hangs around her petite waist, hangs a small curved dagger. Evaline picked up the dagger in her usual merchant trading, and though it is a pretty blade, slow to dull and easy to sharpen, there is nothing very special about it. However, strapped onto the back part of the belt are several mini vials. Daughter of apothecary, Evaline knows how to whipped together many different ingredients and conclude with a wide variety of concoctions. So in these mini vials rest a wide collection of poisons, antidotes, salves, and many other potions.

--*Devil Fruit*: None

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*:



---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts:

History:One could interview every human being on Candrem Island and never find a happier couple that the local apothecary Chad Rhapsody and his wife Candice. Such happiness, some say, come from the wonderful Candrem strawberries, the friendly locals, Chad's striving business, or couple's wild sex life. However, anyone who knew their daughter Evaline knows the truth. If you could describe Evaline Rhapsody in one word it would be Pure Sunshine.

...Ok I know, that's two words, shut up.

With loving parents, and a carefree life upon the beautiful island of strawberries nothing stood in the way of Eva to becoming one of the most brilliant and joyful girls anyone knew. As a little baby girl Evaline always smiled, rarely cried, and loved nothing more than the sound of her mother's voice as Mrs. Rhapsody would sing to her lovely daughter. As the young girl got older she was quickly dubbed as the adventurous type. With joyful giggling young Evaline would run as fast as her little legs would carry her to new places with innocent curiosity. This obviously got her in a pinch or two, but she would always be quick to pick herself up and dash off to another land of mischief.

As Eva grew up she attended school just like every other child her age and enjoyed the experience to the fullest. She was quite popular amongst the girls and was quick to fascinate wild stories on why boys have cooties and reasons why the girls should make boys their eternal enemies. Giggling with her child hood girl friends she was looked up to and seen as a naturally born leader. However, “eternal” the girls soon discovered was too long, and the once “Cootie infested bad guys” eventually became a silly obsession. So then began the years of puppy love.

Outside of school, Evaline spent several hours spent multiple hours a day exploring the island with her close friends who included the twins Tina and Amy, the “boy next door” Ramza, and her oldest and best friend Courtney. All five would race around the island with mischief and adventure set in their minds. From the highest mountain tops, the long sandy ocean beaches, the island’s sea caverns, and to the deepest reaches of the tropical island forest; they had seen it all; all that was on the island that is. It soon dawned on all 5 that they lived on a small island which belonged to a much bigger world and the sea was their barrier. Being island children, all of them had sailed on boats on several occasions but none had gone beyond the site of the island.

Evaline began to yearn for world beyond the island and dreamt often of captaining her own sea ship through the four Great blues. Such dreams were often fueled when Mrs. Rhapsody’s brother (Eva’s Uncle) would sail in on his magnificent trade ship. Evaline and sometimes her friends as well would eagerly sit on the ground before Captain Spears and listen to his travels across the waters. But then he would soon head out again leaving the children anchored to the island and their heads filled with wonder.

However, one day two years ago, the Captain came home, and did not set sail again. His days at sea had been extremely prosperous and Captain Spears had grown old. It was time for him and the crew to sell the Night Lark and start living the easy life. Evaline didn’t miss a beat. Mr. and Mrs. argument didn’t stand a chance against their daughter’s pleas. While over for his sister’s cooking Captain Spears was delighted to hear that his own niece wanted to continue his trade. “I’m glad to see that you are running to the sea and away from mixing a bunch of plants together like your pops!” Spears had said with a wink towards his brother-in-law. So after a few months of planning and preparation Evaline, and her gang of friends were aboard the Night Lark and sea worthy. So with many lectures from her uncle, Captain Spears logbook and notes, and the Captains first mate Talin, Eva and her friends set sail to see the world.

It’s almost been two years since that momentous departure and every moment since has been significantly eventful. Following Talin’s wealthy experience and Captain Spear’s note book, Evaline and her Nakama has developed a regular trade route which travels over the multiple blues in search of wealth and a good deal. During such trading they have come across a variety of interesting items which now litter their storage room and living quarters. However, things are about to change for Eva and her crew as they now sail into a new chapter in their adventure.



The Night Lark is a very small Merchant ship that only requires a minimum of 4 crew members to sail smoothly, and only has enough accommodations for a maximum of 8.

Now retired Captain Spears to his niece, Evaline Rhapsody, who now captains the Night Lark. She currently has 5 crew members. When the boat first set sail, non of the crew, save Talin, had any training or experience in any form of fighting. However, after only 2 months at sea the small merchant boat was attacked by a mangy pirate crew. Fortunately, the pirate crew was small and weak, and Talin was able to drive off the pirates at the price of a large gash in his right leg. This event of the sea life roughness caused Evaline to have the entire crew train in a form of self defense. So now, two years later, every crew member has professed in a fighting art.

Talin Ralleck
First Mate
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 190lbs
Age: 38
Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction] Swordsman_02-1
Info: (working on it)
Martial Style: Blade Dancer: As his home originating from a distant land deep in the Eastern Blue, Talin grew up as the son of a tribal warlord who struggled over island control. In such an environment, Talin learned the art of swordsmanship at an early age and even during his days at sea, has never ceased to progress in the lethal art of a tribal Blade Dancer. This particular sword art requires Talin to exercise precise movement with abundant finesse and agility as he weaves in and out of battles wielding dual blades with deadly accuracy.
He is currently passing his knowledge and abilities to Amy Hayashi.

Tina Hayashi
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 120lbs
Age: 18
Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction] Anime_girl_fav0002-1
Info: (Working on it)
Martial Style:Markswoman With negative feelings towards violence, Tina found it very hard to find a style of fighting that she could even tolerate. She first complained that there was no need to learn any art of violence, but Evaline persisted that she would learn some form of self defense. Talin came to Tina’s rescue one day and presented the girl with a long six chamber pistol. Convincing the girl that shooting the pistol was more a sport than anything to do with violence, helped Tina develop a tolerance for marksmanship. Then surprisingly, firing rounds off into empty glass bottles and wooden targets Talin crafted eventually became a passion that rivaled Tina’s love for reading. Today she is quite a sure shot, and Talin makes Tina blush when he says he’d trust his life in Tina with a 75 yard mark.

Amy Hayashi
Main Deck Lines
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 120lbs
Age: 18
Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction] Animegirlplayingpirate
Info: (Working on it)
Martial Style: Blade Dancer Unlike her passive sister, Amy had already begun to learn martial arts from Talin, several weeks before Evaline insisted that everyone learn martial arts. So ever since a trip to Talin’s native island and purchasing a pair of finely crafted dance blades Amy has worked diligently and religiously to learn Talin’s art. Being female however, Talin had to attempt to teach Amy a different dance than the one Talin had learned himself. The female Blade Dance is significantly different, using a woman’s finesse over a man’s strength. Using the memories of his mother, other woman blade dancers, and a tribal booklet Talin has had little trouble teaching Amy the gender variance. So today, in the heat of battle, Amy is a lethal force to be reckoned with as she slips amongst the combatants with extreme agility and her thin blades lashing out at vital targets.

Courtney Masters
Top Mast Lines
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 105lbs
Age: 19
Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction] AnimePirateGirl5-1
Info: (working on it)
Martial Style: Pressure Point Artist When Courtney had to chose a form of self defense, she had decided to learn from a “Hands and Feet” martial art book focusing on hand to hand combat emphasizing on using full body dexterity and extreme flexibility to shatter enemy bones and be extremely evasive. This seemed to work well for while, but Courtney couldn’t get past one impassive hurdle. She was small, and hence not very strong. So even though the girl was difficult to hit and even harder to avoid, her blows had limited power. But she ignored the problem with plans to improve her strength in the future.
However, one day, while giving Ramza a shoulder massage (her mother was a masseuse) Courtney happened to press into a special pressure point that instantly sent Ramza’s right arm into full paralysis. After calming down Ramza and reassuring him that the affect was temporary Courtney formulated a brand new idea. Already very knowledgeable in the body’s pressure points Courtney began experimenting on her fellow crew members during martial exercises, and eventually, the small girl became very dangerous. Using her martial art skillz, Courtney could quickly close in on her opponent and with a quick flurry of accurate jabs (and occasional misses), render her victim’s limbs utterly useless. Once a small force in battle; Courtney is now proud to be an extremely potent one today.

Ramza Lancet
Ship Pilot
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 185lbs
Age: 19
Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction] Anime160-1
Info: (working on it)
Martial Style: Strong Fist Strong and lithe Ramza has no passion for large and magnificent weapons and enjoys the feeling of his fist pumping through the air and into his hanging punching bag. Talin couldn’t help but smile of approval the boy’s noble art of fist fighting and often exchanges blows with the young lad. This experience plus the weights Ramza has begun to wear on his wrist and ankles have made the young man strong force to be reckoned with. The leather gauntlets he wears have metal ringlets to enforce his blows and protect his hands; the metal is even strong enough to block dull blades.
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Evaline Rhapsody (Eva) [Under construction]
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