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 Ezra Storm

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PostSubject: Ezra Storm   Ezra Storm EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 5:42 pm

---------- Character ----------

Name: Ezra Storm

-Nickname: Zee or Storm

---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human


Gender: male

-Skin Tone:Tanish

-Hair color: PINK!

-Eye Color: Green with Yellowish outline

-Weight: 170

-Height: 5'10

Physical Description: Zee has unusual pink hair that makes him stand out. Also he has piercing green eyes with a yellow outline around his retna. He is thin but not frail looking. He has a nice physique and has a scar on his side that goes up his back.

Wardrobe Description: He has his right ear pierced and usually has a earing in. Also he wears a cross necklace even thoe he doesn't belive in god. Its more of a fasion statement. He wears a black shirt with a over coat the color depending on what he wants to wear. He wears glasses but in a tought situation or when hes serious they come off. He wears black jeans with a studded belt. He wears black sturdy boots so he doesn't have to replace his shoes often.

-Picture: Ezra Storm Hot_anime_guy

---------- Personality ----------

Personality: Zee is very melo and likes to observe things. He is always looking for interesting people and things. He is easily distracted and sometimes people mistake him for lazy. But when he wants something he will do everything he can to get it. He doesn't have very many friends because hes distant from the world. Hes forced to be a lone wolf even thoe he wants a pack. But caring for people is hard because of his past. He is mysterious and hard to read because he rarely shows his emotions. But given the chance people will be suprised how much of a true friend he can be.

Likes: He likes things that are unique. People, places, items, anything not normal he collects some of the things and carries them like the cross around his neck. He has a sence for special wepons are items. He became a pirate mostly because of the treasure hunting he a has a certain radar for it. With his devil fruit power he loves to fly with it and enjoy the thrill of going fast.

Dislikes: He hates people who mistreat others. Because of his past anyone doing something inhumane or beating someone else will infuriate him. He also doesn't like sharp objects very much due to bad memories. He hates being caged or kept from doing what he wants even if its good for him.

-Main Values:Never mistreat someone unless they ask for it or diserve it. And take all the things he wants

-Relationship/Crushes: He would probably fall for a really unique person who intrigued him more then anyone else. She would also have to be gentle and kind. Any girl who is overly violent would be a turn off unless she was really unique.....

---------- Information ----------

Job: Pirate

Rank:Hes been a pirate for a couple of years since he stole his first treasure around 4 years

--*Weapons/Armor*:Fruit user

--*Devil Fruit*:

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*: Motor fighting



---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts: Hes a master thief and always steals things. Anything he likes is fair game to him so hold on to your precious items.

History: Zee loved his mother more then anything. She would play with him and made him feel loved. His father was a drunk and always beat his mother. Zee built up anger for years but his mother always told him to stop. One day his dad came home and got it into his head that his wife was going to run away. He attacked her stabbing her with a knife viciously and then afterwards came after Zee. Zee ran away but his dad caught his and stabbed him in the side. Zee even thoe he was in pain he kept running untill he found a man sitting alone on a rock. The man saw his dad coming after him with the knife and shot one of his kneecaps with deadly aim. His dad limped away bleeding untill he died about 50 yards away. Zee thanked the man and followed him on the mans journey to find a hidden treasures of the world. He learned a lot about old kingdoms and places and found treasure worth millions. He was also taught he to conceal himself and steal without being noticed. He had to live somehow. But they didnt satify the old man. He wanted to find the greatest treasure of them all. He told Zee to go and find the greatest treasure that he could never find and walked away. Zee after all the time he spent with him never knew his name. But he wanted to find his own treasure the one that would satify him. So He ventured out on a quest to rob the world. But he heard a rumor about a treasure called One Piece and how it was the greatest treasure known to man. It interested him so much he had to get to it. But supposivly anyone who went in search of onepiece was a pirate. So thats when he descided he would become one and find the treasure.



*NOTE: Anything with 2 -- or *’s means it must be approved somewhere else before it can be used.

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PostSubject: Re: Ezra Storm   Ezra Storm EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 6:06 pm


"You can love me, just don't hate me!" - Admin
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Ezra Storm
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