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 Larrisa Honor

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PostSubject: Larrisa Honor   Larrisa Honor EmptyMon Feb 09, 2009 3:27 pm

---------- Character ----------

Name: Larrisa Honor

-Nickname: Miss Honor

---------- Appearance ----------

Race: Human (Before fruit.)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

-Skin Tone: Caucasian

-Hair color: Red

-Eye Color: Greenish Brown

-Weight: 105 lb.

-Height: 5’ 0”

Physical Description: Larrisa is very attractive. She stands at but 5' and although shorter then most of her crew, her red long hair makes up for getting over looked. Even though her mother had no bust at all, Larrisa does have one although one that is not huge but in her own opinion just perfect. One thing that she has much pride in is how soft her skin is, with no scars or anything else her skin feels like silk due to her constant bathing. Larrisa's eyes truly sparkle but only when she has both open which is not often as for some reason she likes to keep at least one eye closed, reasons unknown although she has no eye problems of any kind at all. On her hips she does have a pair of tattoos each of a half heart although she does her best to hide these. The one on her left she got after her parents were killed and the one on her right she got after she killed her brother as both are there to remind her of her past.

Wardrobe Description: When on duty Larrisa wears the standard Vice Admiral coat and pants and all the other clothes except refuses to wear a hat. Of course when on a trip she often wears the coat, a jean mini skirt, and a bikini top so she can try and tan herself while sleeping on the deck. Having no fear of wearing skimpy clothes many people have complained that what she wears is not acceptable, but all she does is simply lift her mini skirt a little and think its fine for her to wear one while on duty. Larrisa always wears a pair of fingerless gloves the one on the left stretches up most her arm. When off duty all bets are off as sometimes she will wear nothing but bikini or sometimes she dresses as if there should be snow on the ground even if in a desert. Although her most common outfit is the one she wears while on duty, or the one showed in the picture bellow.


Larrisa Honor 72b976e30af758c2cc5ca4d272c2643b

---------- Personality ----------

Personality: Larrisa Honor is a very black and white person, she sees you as good or bad, loving or hating, and sometimes either strong or weak. She is not the type of person to judge a book by its cover though, and will often try to understand a person more before even judging them in anyway. Other then being very honoring to people and always wanting justice, Larrisa also likes things to be fair and often has problems dealing with nobles and such as she sees how unfair they really are. If your a pirate and ever have the unfortunate chance of meeting her, you will find her extremely nice but unforgiving, if you hurt one of her men she will have no hesitation with injuring you. At times it can be noted that Larrisa goes into a mothering state with her crew or other Marines, and will even try to watch out for other Vice-Admirals. It can be noted that Larrisa does cry every other night and at times can go blank as in reality she is a little girl who was forced to grow up way to fast. Commonly she will also play around, although only while off duty, and will flirt with boys and such.

Likes: Good people, sweet things, the sun, and hot/sexy guys.

Dislikes: Evil/cruel people, bitter tasting things, dark and wet places, and true perverts.

-Main Values: Honor believes that everyone should have a fair trial if they have done something wrong, and that justice should be brought upon all criminals. Another thing that Honor values is true loyalty, if your loyal then simply she will respect you greatly!

-Relationship/Crushes: For some reason she always seems to fall for the badass guys that are usually pirates, although she really does want to someone that is relaxed and fun to be around. At one point she did fall in love with a pirate cause of his attitude towards life, but at the moment is single.

---------- Information ----------

Job: Marine

Rank: Vice Admiral


--*Devil Fruit*: LINK

--*Fighting Styles/Techniques*:



---------- Background/Other ----------

Other Facts: Alcohol seems to have no effect on Honor cause she drank more rum then 5 men put together and walked back to her ship with just a slight blush while all the guys were out cold. It is truly amazing speaking within 5 minutes of getting back to the ship she was 100% sober.

History: Larrisa Honor was born into a all Marine family, her mother was a marine, her father was a marine, her grandpa was a marine, and even her brother was a marine. More impressively all of them were high up on the chain of command and had allot of power together as a family. Her dad had gotten the nickname of “Black-Jack” as he became a Vice Admiral and took down some powerful pirates, plus he loved to play poker on her spare time. Marrisa, her mother, was a marine captain that was loved by her crew and people that she was in charge of, the whole Honor family was one that everyone had great respect for. Larrisa’s brother soon became a captain and it was obvious that he would probably surpass his father cause of his power hunger. A month and a half after he got promoted, Larrisa Honor was born and looked as the little girl of the family that everyone expected great things from.

In Larrisa’s younger years things were only joyful for a little bit, as she grew up she was raised as a marine. Thinking quickly, being strong, and following orders to the end. All of these were pretty much engraved in her little head so that she to would grow up to become a strong marine like her parents and her brother. Unfortunately something terrible happened to Larrisa’s parents. Some pirates had found them and ambushed them, for the most part her parents had no problems fighting off the pirates, but when the pirates ignited the barrels of gunpowder they had to make a choice of either saving themselves or saving Larrisa as she was with them. Being only 8 she watched her parents get killed in a explosion as they had chosen to save Larrisa. Her brother came soon after and finished off the pirates and take Larrisa with him onto his ship as he knew that he had a job to do but could not just leave her all alone at home. The next day she found a weird fruit and decided to eat it as she was hungry, later when asking a old marine what the fruit that she found in the ocean could have been he told her of devil fruits.

Now in the middle years of life Larrisa turns 9 and starts to think a little of what she wants to do with her future although nothing serious really. Being a marine on the ship that he brother is captain of she finds herself second in command even though she is but only 9. Soon though she sees that her brother starts to become weird and starts lashing out at her demanding power and such, so quickly Larrisa leaves and joins another crew. But her brother follows her. Larrisa does her best to run away from him but eventually he catches up to her and demands that she give him the power she has cause he says, “Its not fair, and you don’t deserve it!” Confronting her in the open he attacks as she does her best to defend herself and run away from him, this fails and she is forced to fight him. Against her will she uses the powers she gained from the devil fruit to fight him although the entire time she was crying and begging him to stop the madness. Amazingly she won. He made a mistake during the fight and it cost him his life, Larrisa found herself almost all alone in her once grand family only to hear that her grandpa died of heart failure. Being truly heart broken and no longer wanting to fight she ran, after a few years she did return to the marines and was pushed up to become a captain.

In the teen years Larrisa matured nicely and many who met her mother said they looked identical although they all say that Larrisa has the eyes of her father. Being powerful and wanting to serve constant justice, just like she was taught by her parents, she caught many pirates. At the age of 15 she takes on an entire crew all alone cause her own crew had been defeated, defeating all of them and taking them in to impel down all alone she was quickly promoted to Commodore. Getting somewhat of a name for herself she soon finds the joys of what money can do and starts to see boys in a different way. Only two years later she finds herself pitted against a pirate with a 300 million Beri bounty, after a long fight she came out as the victor and was even able to defeat the pirates entire crew afterwards even though she was hurt. Now 17 the marines decide to promote her yet again, this time to Rear Admiral. Also a group of pirates started to plan a way to wipe out the last Honor family member and quickly started massing ship and such preparing to wipe her out. For some odd reason the Honor family is just hated by all pirates, although reasons not really that obvious.

Later on Larrisa found herself 18 and in love with a pirate she had met only once, being a rather childish love. Soon though while on a routine patrol her small little fleet of 3 ships was attacked by 100 pirate ships of all size, sending away two ships to call for back up she stayed with her main ship and planned on holding all of them off. With a little bit of luck she was able to hold them off and actually cut the number into 1/4th of what it was originally. Everyone was impressed as her ship hadn’t received one scratch and only one of her crew members was injured, simply cause he fell down some stairs in the ship. After capturing the rest of pirates and the leader, whom was the pirate that she had found hot and really liked, it was decided that she was strong enough to be promoted to a Vice Admiral. Getting the nickname “Miss Honor”, Larrisa was happy that she had achieved what he dad had only in a much shorter time period and with a little greater record to follow. It can be noted that she is one of the youngest Vice Admirals ever and many others see her as a little girl holding a cannon that could go off any time. But someone high up likes her and wants her to continue on...

Larrisa is now currently 19 and waiting for orders. Unsure of where she will be sent she waits at the marine head quarters hoping that it is something interesting instead of another paper work assignment as it seems like all the other Vice Admirals have made her the paper work girl.



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1st General of the Sea

Posts : 147
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Approved I think...

"You can love me, just don't hate me!" - Admin
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Larrisa Honor
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